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97.8% of our customers are leveraging Trusts for their NFA purchases, and of those, many are beginning to realize the benefit's of adding all their firearms to the trust assets.  Part of that reason might be because we include a Gun Trust Template at no cost to customers who purchase silencers through us, when they are purchased at our published, non-member pricing. Due to the insane price discounts we offer our customers, the Trust Template is sold to members for a reduced cost as well.

Advantages of Trusts

  1. Can be leveraged for legacy planning
        Meaning you can leave your property to a beneficiary & they can avoid the timely probate process & your firearm collection doesn’t become public record.

  2. Set it & Forget it
        Using our Gun Trust, you set it up once, and often never have to look at it again.  You can use the same trust for all of your silencer purchases moving forward.

  3. Simple to modify
        The best part of revocable trusts, is that they can be modified at any time without having to notify the ATF when it changes. 

  4. Build your Arsenal
        You can purchase and register as many silencers or other firearms in to the trust as your budget can handle.  There's no limit, and there's no tax liability or complexity for doing so.


Disadvantages: (if we can call it that)

  1. One Time Setup Process
        No participation trophies here - it takes a little bit of effort to create something.  That said, we've already done all the work for you! All you have to do is purchase our Gun Trust, fill     in a form we use to gather the details necessary to create your trust, and you'll have it within 24 hours or less.

  2. The only thing you have to do, is take your trust to your closest Notary.


The top benefits for registering firearms to your Trust are:

  1. Anyone you place in the trust (with the proper authority) can legally possess the silencer, at any time.

  2. Pay the transfer tax stamp once.  After the silencer is transferred to the trust, there are no duplicate taxes applied among members

  3. If you plan on purchasing more than one silencer in your life, this method gives you the most long-term flexibility and power

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Inalienable Arms | Gun Trust Template

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