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   NFA Trust Forms, for all 50 states!

   90% of our product shipped direct to your door

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There are NO hidden fees or gimmicks. The concept is simple:


1.       Purchase your Annual Membership

2.       All Serialized Items (Firearms, Receivers, etc.): Our COST* + $10 per item = Your Price

3.       NFA/Class III Items: Our COST* + $30 = Your Price

4.       Non-Serialized Products (Optics, Knives, Apparel, Firearm Parts, etc.): Our COST* + $10 per item with a MAXIMUM of $30 per order. Meaning on these items you will receive a MAXIMUM of $30 fee over cost*, regardless of how many items from this category are in that order.

**Membership Pricing Is Only Visible To Active Members**

Look No Further, We Offer a 100% Guarantee



With today's political climate, your access to firearms has never been more threatened.  The government continues to work every backdoor trick and angle to restrict your constitutional right to own firearms.  You need to act now, while it's still possible.


Our members save thousands of dollars regularly, on the exact same firearms, gear, and accessories they would buy elsewhere.


This Membership Isn't for you If…


   You prefer to be ignored at the gun counter for hours when you go to make your purchases.

   Enjoy being talked down to, and treated like your money is no good here, by some tacti-cool groupie behind the gun counter?

   Love strapping your cash to a bucket of tannerite and watching it explode with each purchase you make in a store?

   Are looking forward to the day, a few short years from now, where the 2nd Amendment as we know it, is no more?


However, and you want the most personalized service in the firearms industry, which is specifically focused on your needs, then keep reading to discover more!


If you want your Elite Member Access from:


   The Only Online Armory Which Offers You Access to Every Product at Wholesale Price.

   The Pioneer of the Vision to Empower Every American Unprecedented Access to Firearm Ownership, Affordably.

   A Veteran Owned & Operated Company

   Long Time FFL & SOT Holder

   NRA Certified Instructors

   Nebraska CCW Certified Instructors

   Committed to the Education & Proliferation of Firearms & Training Across The Country




What is the Number One Question We Receive About Membership?

"What's the catch? This sounds too good to be true"

This is our favorite question, because there is no catch!  We've structured our systems to support the mission & the vision of revolutionizing the firearms market, and breaking down the barriers the industry has built at your expense.  We're offering you a 100% money back guarantee because we are so confident that once you see inside the member's access, there is no question that you'll be a member for life!

It may sound lopsided, like we are the ones taking on all the risk here, but the fact of the matter is that we don't see it at risk at all.  We've never had a member request a refund, and we don't ever see that changing.



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Do you want to continue to pay thousands more than you have to, for the same products, from retail stores and local gun shops?

A.      Not a chance!!

B.      Sure, why not, isn't that good economics?

C.       Of course! My money is far better off in other people's pocket.


How do you prefer to be treated when you're willing to pay money for what you want?

A.      I want to walk around the store begging for a clerk to help me out.

B.      I know what I want, and what I'm willing to pay, but having a knowledgeable and unbiased incite if I have questions would be awesome!  To buy it online would save me time and frustration too.

C.       I always look forward to being talked down too, and argued with by the know-it-all gun-guy working at the counter.


Do you have anything to lose, since our membership is backed by a 100% money back guarantee?

A.      Insert random excuse here.

B.      The membership can't be that good of a deal.

C.       No, I stand to lose nothing, other than being able to see all the wholesale cost for items I'm interested in, and once I see the insane discounts, my first purchase will cover the cost of the membership.


Your Test Score Is In! Now you can see that our membership is as easy as A, B, C! 


Do not wait another minute, act now before some other ridiculous executive order goes into effect, and erodes that much more of your right to keep and bear arms.


Become A Member Now!


Have a question that we didn't answer? No problem, ask away and we'll be happy to help any way we can. 


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