FFL Transfers

All transfers on firearms and NFA regulated items purchased through us are FREE at the time of purchase. 

Local Firearm transfers are:    $20 per item

LEO/EMS/MIL transfers are:    $15 per item

To inquire about a transfer, please call 402.980.0194 or send an email to: FFL@InalienableArms.com

If you purchase an item from another retailer and wish for us to handle the transfer, the process is simple and straight forward. 

1) Once you purchase the item(s), the retailer will require you to indicate where you want the item sent to. If Inalienable Arms FFL is on file with this vendor you can skip to step 3

2) If the dealer does NOT have Inalienable Arms FFL on file - let us know and we will provide the document to said dealer. Please provide the order details for referance (order #, Name on order, etc) 


3) Once you receive your shipping information (tracking info) please forward that on to us via email above, so that we make sure to watch for it. Make sure to include your contact info along with a description of the item(s) that is inbound.


4) When the item(s) arrive, we will contact you and set up a time to complete the transfer. 

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